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The Reasons to Get the Moissanite Engagement Rings

It can be somewhat scary for some people out there to buy an engagement ring. Not necessarily because of that lifetime commitment or because they have actually not done it in the past but since you have heard of the terror stories about how much the engagement ring may cost. Well, the old rule of thumb was three month’s salaries. Well, this will have to depend on your salary which can be quite a significant number. Though you don’t follow such old guideline, it may still be pretty expensive to get engaged and get married.

Well, it is quite fortunate that there are three ways that you may tone down the cost of the engagement ring so that you will be able to save some cash for the things which definitely matter. After all, if you are loved by your partner so much, then the cost of the ring and its elements would surely not matter.

When you would like to economize the engagement ring, then you must know that there are several ways to do this. You may go for the cheaper metals and choose the engagement ring designs which allow various smaller diamonds instead of that one big diamond or choosing the synthetic or those faux diamonds. If you are not able to afford such real diamond, then you can have that moissanite engagement ring.

You have to know that the Moissanite stones are naturally occurring stones that are similar to the diamonds in several ways but they are more affordable. Such stones are certainly know for their brilliance as well as their hardness. You have to know that the chemical name of this is silicon carbide and such is able to offer you with a range of benefits at a much cheaper cost.

Though the color of the Moissanite stone is not that white as the diamond’s, but such is a near colorless stone. The durability is really proven by such fact that it is the second hardest gemstone after the diamond. Those moissanite stones have more fire and also a higher brilliance than those diamonds. Though such is naturally occurring, that stone can’t be found on Earth in that natural state so they are actually lab made. The jeweler should be able to have access to these stones from the labs. Here are a few things that you need to know when you would evaluate the four C’s of such stone.

The first thing that you must keep in mind is the color. The stone may look a bit colorless but there are a few that can have that slightly yellow or green undertone in a specific light. Make sure that you also check the clarity of it. The clarity may actually be compared to the diamond. Talking of the carat, you must remember that the bigger the stone, then the more prone is this to show the natural color. You must also think of the cut of the moissanite stone.

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