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A Balancing Act for Montreal as Growth and Preservation Compete

Though oftentimes described as the “Paris of North America,” Montreal actually has a character and charm all of its own. The enduring force of the city’s distinctive history can be felt in almost every corner, even if recent development sometimes casts a shadow over certain features.

There are also developers who are committed to enhancing Montreal’s personality and appeal with every project. Chinese-Canadian developer Kheng Ly, for instance, has made a name for himself and his company, the Brivia Group, with exactly that approach.

A Commitment to Building on a Strong Foundation

Quebec City is generally regarded as the most historic of Canada’s urban centers. Old Quebec is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and a rival to many European destinations in terms of its appeal to sightseers.

Despite being far larger and more economically diverse, Montreal does not lag all that far behind its neighbor on the St. Lawrence River. Careful stewardship and an appreciation for history have allowed Montreal to grow without giving up on the character that has made it so appealing for so long.

Fortunately, there are also developers who are happy to go along with this proven strategy and recognize its benefits and strengths. The Brivia Group has become known, for instance, as an especially successful development company that is committed to ensuring Montreal remains an interesting and attractive place to live.

A Major Development Will Add New Character to Downtown Montreal

This can be seen in the YUL development, an especially ambitious project in downtown Montreal that has been the subject of much interest and attention. The two tall towers of the YUL project will unalterably change the character of the area, but most are now convinced that they will do so positively and gently.

Development that proceeds from the idea that Montreal’s character is worth preserving can still make a distinctive mark, as YUL has convinced many. Montreal will grapple with growth and all the attendant pressures for a long time to come, but this does not mean its historic character has to be abandoned. In fact, it can just as well be enhanced and freshened up in interesting ways when the right design and development approaches are employed.