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Learn About the Real Estate Career of Kheng Ly

Kheng Ly came to Canada when he was only seventeen. Fleeing his home country of Cambodia, he and his family endured great hardship as they waited for their opportunity to enter the country. Thankfully, Ly was able to find refuge in the country and become a citizen of Canada. He has worked many years to build his real estate career. What started with humble beginnings has brought him and his team to being honored with one of the most illustrious awards by CCBC.

How Did He Get His Start?

Kheng Ly got his start by working in manufacturing. He worked long days with low pay so he could help his parents and eventually help his fiancee get into the country. Around 2000, he realized his employment was not getting him anywhere and he decided to make a change in his career. He made the decision to start off on a career in real estate.

Over the years, Kheng Ly has worked tirelessly to get in the position he is now in. His company, the Brivia Group, has gained great respect in the real estate industry because of their transparent efforts in all projects they seek. Their tireless work has granted them the great honor of being awarded by the CCBC.

This Award Is a True Honor

When CCBC honored Kheng Ly and his company with the prestigious award, they were truly honored. This award was given to Kheng Ly because of his and his team’s efforts on strengthening business relations between Canada and China. With their YUL Condominium project, they have been able to successfully begin one of the largest housing projects in Montreal. This is one of the exciting projects that have allowed them to receive the honorable award from the CCBC.

If you are interested in learning more about Kheng Ly and his company, please visit the Pinterest Page of Kheng Ly today. Here, you will be able to learn more about Brivia and its efforts to bridge the gaps in real estate and bring countries together. Visit the site today and you will be able to learn more about his efforts.