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Symptoms of ADHD

Attention deficit or hyperactive disorder is a condition that is quite difficult to diagnose and ascertain you have it or not. When one is aware of having the disease it becomes easier to adapt to ways that can make life easy for them. Usually the patients are restless, easily agitated, tend to forget quickly among other signs which result from this disorder. Tests are conducted on people to determine whether they are positive or not or some questions can be asked and answers used to confirm.

It is not usual for normal people to react efficiently when they face emergency situations like a fire or other crisis. Most people with the disorder tend to be hyperactive and excellent in handling emergency situations due to adrenaline production that makes them smarter. If there has never been a family member with the disorder, it is not common for one to have this disorder.

In most cases the disease is genetically transmitted and as such if other family members have it they can pass it onto their children.The disorder is known to make patients feel as if they are not living to their full potential or think they are underachieving. Many patients with this disorder are not known to finish their tasks within the given time but rather they late on task completion. For people with the disorder, they will usually not remember things they just said a moment ago when asked.

The patients can put something in a specific place and shortly after forget completely about the location of the item. People who are good at listening and speak less often than they listen are not common to have this disorder. Being possible for one to always keep their items properly set and neatly arranged is a sign of not having the disorder.

Being time conscious and having a good sense of direction is a sign that you are not likely to have the disorder. It is difficult for patients with the disorder to watch scary movies or be in noisy places or places with a lot of people such as parties. When something small happens and one does not overreact, it is rare that they have this disorder.

People having the disorder can drink a lot of energy drinks within a day and still be able to sleep comfortably. If it is possible for you to create a to-do list that has few items it is a sign of being free of this disorder. Having this disorder does not mean you are disabled or sick and should not cause one to be worried that much.

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