Advertising & Marketing

Making the Website Stand Out

New websites are launched constantly in all industries. These sites can be new ones from start-up companies, revised ones to boost an established business, or new E commerce shopping websites to entice your customers. Not every business owner is a natural Website Designer, but a strong website can be created when specific elements are taken into consideration.

Tools of the Trade

Digital tools are always being updated and new ones are emerging at a fast pace. Selecting the right tool will help get desired results. An interactive site that is easy to navigate, for example, is ideal for increasing the conversion rate. Browsers who cannot move smoothly from one section to another will find a different website to use.

Owners who wish to make a memorable and positive first impression will want to consider a video landing page. It captures attention, presents an outstanding introduction to the brand, and will be long-lasting. Other ways to captivate targeted audiences include using custom fonts rather than standard ones, emphasize key points with font colors, and altering the size of the font.

Use AI

Artificial intelligence, or AI, has been used in businesses to automate processes, configure measurements, and calibrate machinery among other tasks. When included in the website design, responses and interactions with customers can be personalized so each visitor to the site will feel special and valued. A connection is made that instills confidence and causes users to feel comfortable spending time on the site.

Added Elements

A blog added to the website allows owners to present more detailed information. A discussion or short post regarding trends in the industry will result in a content heavy site that does not flow well. Placing that same information on a blog page gives those interested an opportunity for in-depth learning.

Sincere and strong testimonials are a must for the website. Instead of printing them, add videos of testimonials so browsers are engaged using more senses. Seeing and hearing people give testimonials are more powerful than reading words on the page.

Get Help If Needed

There are many ways to get help from professionals that will suit the business needs and budget. A small business owner can hire a consultant to assess the business, identify targeted audiences, and provide some direction and oversight throughout the process. Coaching is available, as well as designers who will create a website from the ground up.