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Tips for Choosing a Roofing Contractor

New roofs are big investments for homeowners, so it is important they choose roofing contractors who offer fair prices and still provide quality results. The problem is that many homeowners have no experience with roofers and can easily hire a company that does a poor job. But, there are a few basic guidelines clients can follow to ensure they are making good choices. For example, reputable roofers like Erie are well insured. When customers research them, they have great ratings. Clients are also offered written quotes and warranties.

Research Is an Important First Step

Customers should always check the backgrounds of roofers since the industry includes many companies that do not stand by their work. Fortunately, the Internet makes research easy. Sites like Google, Yelp, and Facebook are ideal sources for feedback on businesses. Sites include customer reviews and comments that let potential clients know whether businesses offer reasonable prices and provide quality results. Customer reviews also advise whether contractors are likely to finish projects on time. Once clients decide on a contractor, they should still request references before signing a contract.

Contractors Should Be Fully Insured

Well-established roofing contractors are fully licensed, insured, and bonded. That is crucial for customers since it protects them in case there are problems with the work. Reputable companies have general liability insurance to protect customers in case of mistakes. Businesses also carry workers’ compensation that covers medical expenses if their workers are hurt during projects. Without that coverage, employees could potentially sue homeowners’ insurance companies.

Professionals Offer Detailed Written Estimates

Trustworthy companies are also careful to provide quotes in writing. Fly-by-night businesses often offer quick oral quotes that leave customers with little protection if roofers change their terms. The best contractors present written quotes that outline the scope of projects. Quotes also detail the agreed-upon price and specify the length of time that projects are expected to take. Reputable businesses guarantee the quality of labor and provide warranties on the materials used.

Homeowners who are shopping for roofing contractors should research companies before signing contracts. Trustworthy roofers are insured and able to provide detailed quotes that outline work details, prices, and a timeframe for completion. Established contractors also guarantee labor and materials.