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Traits of Successful Digital Marketers

Digital Marketers may appear to be a dime a dozen. Do a quick internet search and multiple providers will appear. However, this does not mean they are all right for the job a company is asking them to take on. Certain traits are consistently seen in individuals working in this field. Following are three of these traits.


When comparing digital marketers, ask about a difficult task they had and what they did to complete it. The goal is to learn how this individual works through adversity, overcomes challenges, and grows as a result. There are lessons to be learned from every difficult situation and the goal of asking this question is to learn how the marketer assessed and adapted the situation. As a result, he or she learned from the mistakes made and is a better marketer as a result.

The Basics

Certain skills are needed in any job a person tackles. This includes being able to write clearly, having good communication skills, and actively listening to others. Every digital marketer should be able to do these three things. Those that fulfill these requirements are of great assistance to a business, as they are able to help the client move forward with his or her goals.


The search engines regularly update their algorithms to better meet the needs of their users. As a result, digital marketers must be able to adapt to these changes quickly and find new ways to meet the algorithm requirements. The marketer must be willing to step outside of his or her comfort zone and think outside the box to help clients reach the top of the search engine results. If a provider is lacking in this area, they aren’t right for the job.

These traits are of great importance when it comes to digital marketing. If a person or firm appears to be lacking in one or more areas, they should be removed from the list of potential digital marketing agencies. A business cannot be too careful in this situation, so it’s always wise to proceed with caution and interview multiple marketers before making a choice.